Don’t be fooled by ‘structured water’ snake oil claims. A chemist explains why it’s nonsense


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Is there a “fourth part of water”? Infrequently, you may even see folks speaking in regards to the well being advantages of so-called hexagonal water, structured water, or exclusion zone (EZ) water.

Just a few weeks in the past, Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh web site was spruce a $2,500 “structured water filter.” Final weekend, even Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald acquired in on the act, working a now-deleted story in regards to the virtues of “structured water.”

So what’s going on?

As a chemistry trainer, I can let you know that “EZ water” does not make sense. However let’s discuss what it is alleged to be and the way it’s alleged to work.

What’s EZ water?

EZ water originates from Gerald Pollack’s remarks, professor of bioengineering on the College of Washington. He was finding out the habits of water close to “hydrophilic” surfaces, that are made from supplies with a really sturdy attraction to water.

Pollack found that water pushes objects like plastic microbeads, salt, and even dye molecules from the area near a really hydrophilic floor.

Pollack’s clarification for this habits is that the construction of the water modifications within the “exclusion zone”.

Climate water molecules are made from two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (with the acquainted system Hβ‚‚O), Pollack believes that EZ water has one further hydrogen atom and one further oxygen atom (system H₃Oβ‚‚). This transformation supposedly leads to a adverse electrical cost and a layered hexagonal lattice association of atoms within the water.

Hydrophilic surfaces exist on the cells of human our bodies, so some have argued that EZ Water is “extra pure” than common water and due to this fact should have a number of well being advantages.

Faint well being claims

The now eliminated Sydney Morning Herald article interviewed a so-called water construction science professional named Rob Gourlay.

It makes many widespread claims about structured water: it’s extra pure, it has a adverse electrical cost, it flows into our cells sooner than common water, and it has many different purported well being advantages.

Though the article didn’t point out it, a fast search reveals Robert Gourlay’s job title as “chief scientist” of an organization known as Phi’onthat markets water structuring units.

From the believable to the absurd

Let’s check out these claims. A few of them are believable, whereas others are absurd.

We all know that water behaves in another way close to an interface with one other substance, as a result of it now not simply interacts with different water molecules. Floor pressure is a well-recognized instance of this phenomenon.

We additionally know that water behaves in another way whether it is confined in a really small area, on a scale of billionths of a meter.

As such, there isn’t any specific purpose to be instantly skeptical of Pollack’s experimental findings in regards to the habits of water within the “exclusion zone.” In actual fact, they’re attention-grabbing and lots of features have been reproduced.

However Pollack’s explanations for the habits are baseless.

comply with the atoms

If the water had been by some means to alter to H₃Oβ‚‚, easy arithmetic exhibits that changing two molecules of Hβ‚‚O to one in all H₃Oβ‚‚ would depart an additional hydrogen atom floating round.

We might count on to see this hydrogen launched as Hβ‚‚ gasoline. Alternatively, the response would want to herald extra oxygen from the air. A easy experiment would present that neither of those occurs.

EZ water, regardless of all its attention-grabbing properties, cannot be something apart from Hβ‚‚O. Pollack doesn’t suggest the H₃Oβ‚‚ construction in a peer-reviewed publication, and different explanations have been put ahead to elucidate his printed experimental findings.

And the hexagonal construction for H₃Oβ‚‚ that Pollack proposes, if it had been secure and inflexible, wouldn’t stream like a liquid.

water has no reminiscence

However suppose the water within the exclusion zone had some particular construction. May it’s bottled and preserve its properties?

All indicators level to no.

In water with a impartial pH (neither acidic nor alkaline), about one molecule in a billion has an additional hydrogen atom that has jumped from one other molecule. This creates a positively charged H₃O+ ion and a negatively charged OH– ion.

The additional protons (H+) that type H₃O+ Ions are very cellular: they leap shortly from one molecule to a different. This occurs so quick that every of the hydrogen atoms in a given water molecule is changed 1,000 instances per second.

There are additionally short-lived points of interest between oxygen atoms in a single molecule and hydrogen atoms in a neighboring molecule known as “hydrogen bonds.” In liquid water at room temperature these hyperlinks solely final for millionths of a millionth of a second.

The speedy motion of hydrogen atoms and the flickering of hydrogen bonds imply that any construction in EZ water would dissipate in a short time. In bulk, the water has forgotten its neighbors in a matter of picoseconds and has modified its hydrogen atoms in milliseconds. That is why it is liquid.

Experiments utilizing intense laser pulses to change the construction of water additionally present that recovers in picoseconds. Due to this fact, any bulk water construction that’s totally different from the standard sort that flows from our faucets doesn’t final for a lot various millionths of a millionth of a second.

water is water

So what does all this add as much as? Briefly, it isn’t attainable to purchase another sort of water than regular water. It could possibly change the pH, it could possibly change the dissolved ions and gases, however not the water itself.

Snake oil sellers promoting structured water merchandise use scientific-sounding phrases which might be usually nonsensical and, at greatest, primarily based on misinterpretation and abuse of Pollack’s experiments.

Pollack distances himself from most firms that promote structured water merchandise. It has its personal construction. Water firm, which amongst different merchandise sells a “filterless water filter.”

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